Smartcompliance Restaurant First Aid Cabinet Refill, 214 Pieces


Sale price$74.78


Refill Kit for for food service first aid kit. Stand alone refill packaging.
Package Includes: (100) 1" x 3" Metal-Detectable Visible-Blue Bandages; (40) Metal Detectable Visible-Blue Knuckle Bandages; (40) Metal-Detectable Visible-Blue Fingertip Bandages; (1) Roll of 2"-Wide Gauze, (1) 1" x 5 yd Roll of Fabric First-Aid Tape; (10) BZK Antiseptic Wipes; (12) Burn-Relief Cream Packets; (10) Antibiotic-Ointment Packets

Note: This is a non-returnable item.

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