Emporiumz ™Essential Desk Accessory for Working Professionals


Color: White
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 Increase your productivity by quickly and easily jotting down reminders, phone numbers and other important notes on this dry erase board.

 Keep your desk space clean by getting rid of all those old and outdated sticky notes scattered across your table.

 Organize your desk by storing your pens, pencils, staples, and other supplies in the DeskBoard Buddy's™ hidden accessory storage compartment.

 Elevate your desktop's aesthetic with the DeskBoard Buddy's™ sleek glass whiteboard design, guaranteed to compliment any workstation.

 Great for all setups, whether you use a laptop or desktop computer with external monitor, the DeskBoard Buddy™ will work for you.

 Help save the environment by writing your notes and ideas on the whiteboard dry erase surface, eliminating unnecessary paper waste. Plus, for every DeskBoard Buddy™ sold we will plant 1 tree on your behalf!

 Whiteboard wipes clean every time with no stains thanks to the DeskBoard Buddy's premium, non-absorbent glass surface.

 Built in mobile phone stand and iPad dock, letting you extend your laptop screen or view important apps while you work to improve your productivity.

 Keep it forever thanks to the DeskBoard Buddys™ scratch resistant glass finish.

Clear Your Desk Of Sticky Notes

Clear your desk of sticky notes with the DeskBoard Buddy™. Quickly jot down notes, appointments and other reminders on the DeskBoard Buddy's™ glass dry erase surface, and erase them when finished! Who knew staying organized and productive could be so clean and easy.

Organize Your Desk Space

Organize your desk space by storing all of your pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers, paper clips, staples, and other desktop accessories in the DeskBoard Buddy's™ hidden accessory storage compartment.

iPad, Marker and Mobile Phone Stand

The DeskBoard Buddy™ also features an iPad, marker and mobile phone stand, allowing you to view your phone or tablet at the perfect viewing angle while you work. Great for extending your screen to your phone or tablet, or using a third-party app while you work to help increase your productivity throughout the day.

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